My Hometown – Northwest

Community Resource Center

Our Community Resource Center, located at 947 West 200 North in Salt Lake City, works to provide classes and services to meet the needs of the community. We work in partnership with the Rose Park Neighborhood Center (located at 754 North 800 West in Salt Lake City) to provide these resources. Classes are free and open to all religions, ethnicities, and nationalities.

Days of Service 2023

We plan several Days of Service for our community from April to October. These Days of Service provide opportunities for homeowners, neighbors, and volunteers to work together to serve and beautify the community by repairing homes, community gathering locations, and places of worship for those who need help and cannot do it for themselves.

Our next Day of Service is:

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Neighbor Reps

Neighbor Reps are residents who volunteer to become acquainted with a specific number of neighbors on their block. They work with neighborhood volunteers to get to know their neighbors, identify talents, interests, and needs, and share information about My Hometown events and service projects. Occasionally, Neighbor Reps may be asked to deliver My Hometown newsletters and notify neighbors of helpful resources and upcoming events. Neighbor Reps play a crucial role in the success of My Hometown. Their overall responsibility is to get to know their neighbors and to bring them together to create close-knit, caring neighborhoods where neighbors know and look out for each other.